We want to make sure that your child settles into nursery quickly. To achieve this your child will be allocated a member of staff called a Key Person who will be their own special person at nursery. The Key Person will help your child to feel happy, safe, stimulated and secure at nursery and will give you peace of mind that you always have someone with whom you can share information about your child.

The key person will take responsibility for meeting your child’s needs and making careful records of your child’s learning, development and progress which they will share with you.

Home Visits

We are one of the few nursery providers to offer home visits which can help you and your child to settle more easily into nursery. Ideally and where possible the Key Person and another member of staff will visit you and your child at home. This helps your child to get to know them in a familiar environment. It enables you to share information about your child that will help us to care for your child as you would want. It also allows you to ask any questions that you may have.

Settling in

We will arrange for your child to attend for some short, personalised sessions prior to starting nursery to spend time with their Key Person and meet the other adults and children in their room. You are encouraged to stay with them for the first session and may want to stay for the first few sessions as they familiarise themselves with the environment and become more confident to be left. All children are different, some require more settling in sessions than others and we are happy for your child to as have many sessions as necessary to ensure that they settle in well.