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William Street Day Nursery is our most recently opened nursery located in central Windsor close to the river and train station. It has been designed and equipped specifically as an extended day care nursery and within each room we cater for sleep, noisy, messy and learning activities.

We have a unique roof top play area, along with an indoor soft play area, dedicated cookery zone and separate areas for maths and literacy. Having a central location there are also plenty of opportunities for the children to be taken on walks, shopping and trips to Windsor castle.

At William Street we have created a rich and friendly environment which supports your child’s individuality, curiosity and promotes self-esteem and confidence. We have a wide range of brand new resources that all the children can access to encourage learning through play and help the children gain new experiences on a daily basis, this assists your child’s key carers to plan for each individual. 

Our Baby and Toddler room is a welcoming and bright room which caters for children from 3 months to 30 months.  The baby room provides opportunities and activities from children up until they can walk. There is a range of stimulating toys provided by caring and nurturing practitioners. We have a sensory corner for children to discover new textures and sounds and a cosy area to share stories and enjoy one-to-one experiences. Our baby room provides many opportunities to develop both fine motor and gross motor skills. It has a separate sleep room which is monitored throughout the day. Within this area of the nursery staff follow each babies individual routine, ensuring they are working with the parents closely as things change.

The toddler room takes children from walking until 30 months.  The resources are at the Toddler’s level allowing them to self-select toys during their day. They enjoy stories and singing in their cosy book corner and love to cook or sweep up in their home corner.  The Toddlers enjoy access to marking making tools, an easel with paints and chalk and titchy tubs sand, water or messy play!

Our Pre-school Room is a spacious and bright room which accommodates children aged from 30 months to 5 years; with all resources at the children’s level they are able to select toys of their choice through the day. The children continue to learn through play and the Pre-school room is divided into the different areas of learning allowing them to do so. These areas include a home corner, book/cosy corner, play-dough table, mark making table, creative table, painting easel, ICT area, SMART board and a construction area.  The children have free flow access into a secure garden area where they can experience our pirate ship, sand, water and messy builders’ tray activities, as well as enjoying many other activities!

We also believe in nurturing a smooth transition from home to nursery so, before children join William Street Day Nursery, we offer a home visit, which lets the children see their key worker in their own environment; this helps the children when they come into the nursery, to see a familiar face and is just the start of the parent partnership relationship”.

Opening Hours

We are open 7.30am until 6.00pm Monday to Friday and close for Bank Holidays and for one week at Christmas.

Parents can choose full or half day sessions according to what best suits your needs (subject to availability).  Half days are at the Manager’s discretion.

Morning session 7.30am - 12.30pm      Afternoon 1.30pm – 6.00pm    Full Day 7.45am - 6.00pm

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William Street Contact Information

17 William Street
Windsor, Berks

Tel: 01753 851002
Email: windsor@countrysidenurseries.co.uk

Our Rooms

hands.jpgEvery day varies but there are certain elements we need to keep consistent from day to day.

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We take great pride in our menus and ensure that all food offered to children is nutritionally balanced and healthy.   Each nursery employs a cook to provide a well-balanced weekly menu for your children. Special dietary needs can, in most cases, be catered for.  The children are given a mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and high tea.

PICT8786.JPGThe older children are encouraged to serve their own meals, and mealtimes are treated as an enjoyable and social occasion while also enabling us to teach children about taking turns and general table manners.