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Sunninghill Day Nursery is located in a former chapel, which has been converted and equipped specifically as an extended day care nursery. Within each room we cater for sleep, quiet, noisy, messy and learning activities and a major feature is an exciting multi-level soft play area.

There are also plenty of opportunities for the children to be taken on walks and trips to local amenities.

We passionately believe in working together in partnership with parents starting from our home visits to our Parent to Nursery Days. We strive to build great relationships between parents, children and key carers and we do this by having a paired and shared key carer system in place. We provide many opportunities for the children to experience their local community by going on lots of walks to the shops to buy cooking ingredients, to the post office to post letter or to the park and to see the trains.

Our baby and toddler room can accommodate up to 21 children.  Each room have a messy area where the children explore many sensory activities, such as painting, crazy soap and gloop, all activities are fully supervised by the staff.  The children also use this area to eat and we believe meal times are a great way for children to interact with both staff and peers, even at a young age, so all our seats are at table level and the children can sit round with the supervision and interaction of their key carers.

Our pre-school room can accommodate up to 21 children and this room benefits from a multi level play gym that offers fantastic physical development come rain or shine. The children are given opportunities to learn through play and they make the most of our free flow structure, giving them free choice at all times and allowing staff to plan for the children's individual learning development both indoors and outdoors. We have a wide range of resources and encourage the children to build on new skills every day.

Opening Hours

We are open 7.45am until 6.00pm Monday to Friday and close for Bank Holidays and for one week at Christmas.

Parents can choose full or half day sessions according to what best suits your needs (subject to availability).  Half days are at the Manager’s discretion.

Morning session 7.45am - 12.30pm        Afternoon 1.30pm – 6.00pm       Full Day 7.45am - 6.00pm

Feedback from Parents

“Please thank all your staff, very sincerely for making XXX’s time so enjoyable and pleasant. She has grown and developed much throughout her sessions with the help of many kind, caring, compassionate and hard working staff. We really appreciate their efforts”.

“She has had a wonderful time at nursery and received wonderful care.  I know that it has greatly helped in making her into a happy young girl and I would like to thank all of your team who have looked after her since she has been with you”.

Sunninghill Nursery Gallery

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Contact Information

The Terrace

Tel and fax: 01344 875179

Our Rooms

drawing.jpgThe nursery has 3 sections - pre-school room, toddler room and baby room.

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Kids-eating-spaghetti-0011.jpgAt Countryside Nurseries we have long recognised the importance of providing a healthy and balanced diet in the early stages of a child development.

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