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Parents Save Money using Childcare Vouchers

Your employer may be able to provide childcare vouchers for you as a benefit. Examples of childcare voucher savings

The table below shows examples of the annual savings which childcare vouchers can provide, based on a standard salary sacrifice scheme. Both parents can use childcare vouchers, so families can enjoy double the savings shown.

Annual salary (after deducting your childcare vouchers)

Monthly childcare voucher order






£0 to £41,865
Basic-rate tax






£41,866 to £150,000
Higher-rate tax



£624 (Based on maximum higher-rate order of £124 a month)

Additional-rate tax


£564 (Based on maximum additional-rate order of £97 a month)

£620 (Based on maximum additional-rate order of £110 a month)

If you signed up for childcare vouchers before 6th April 2011 and you haven't changed your employer or had a break from vouchers lasting more than 12 months, then you can order up to £243 a month of childcare vouchers even if you are a higher or additional-rate taxpayer. Your savings from childcare vouchers will depend on your own circumstances, so the savings shown above are for general guidance only. Childcare vouchers can affect your entitlement to tax credits, so please check whether you would be better off with tax credits before signing up for childcare vouchers.

 Childcare Vouchers can be used for a Nanny, Play School, Nursery, Au Pair, Crèche, Pre School...

Childcare vouchers can be used for almost any registered or approved childcare for children aged between 0 - 15 years (16 years if disabled). If you use a day nursery, childminder, nanny, breakfast club, after school club or holiday club, or even if you pay for after school activities at a boarding school, to name but a few, you can use childcare vouchers.

Your employer purchases vouchers from a voucher company, and normally deducts the cost of the voucher from your gross salary. You then pass the voucher to your carer or arrange an automated payment system to the carer. All payments to the carer are referenced to enable the carer to attach the payments to your account with them. There are no costs involved for the carer.

Your employer can also arrange to make payments direct to the carer each month, without the use of an approved voucher company.  Please email Lesley at Head Office for further details –, or use the link to the Inland Revenue form IR115 which will provide you with further details

Approved Childcare Voucher Companies

Edenred formerly Accor 0843 453 4406

Care-4 0844 800 1444

Faircare 0800 652 4745

Sodexo 0800 328 7411

Early Years 0845 094 5804

Allsave 01256 339100

Kiddivouchers 0800 612 4395

Fideliti 0800 288 8727

Kids Unlimited 0845 365 2929

Computershare formerly Busy Bees 0845 002 1111

PES Vouchers 0800 082 0569

Mid Counties Co-operative 0800 458 7929

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