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We understand that leaving your child for the first time can be a difficult and emotional time for both of you.  Therefore, in order to aid the smooth transition from home to nursery, we offer the following:-

Home Visits

Before your child’s first settling-in session at nursery, you will be offered a home visit from the Nursery Manager/Deputy, along with your child’s key carer.  The purpose of this visit is to give us a chance to find out your child’s likes and dislikes and routines in familiar surroundings.  We will bring along a few toys which your child will recognise when he/she starts with us.  We strongly recommend accepting the home visit as we believe this will greatly aid the settling in period.

Settling In Sessions

We believe strongly that a child is happiest at nursery when he or she has been settled correctly and has bonded with a key person.  Some children may cry when dropped off at nursery; it doesn't necessarily mean they're unhappy, they simply find the moment of parting difficult but minutes later settle down and enjoy the day!

Therefore we encourage parents to bring children in for at least 3 settling in sessions prior to starting. These sessions involve initially staying with your child.  On the second visit, you are advised to stay for a short while and then leave, gradually building this time up.  You will receive a Settling In leaflet with your Welcome Pack which give more details.

All children are individuals and therefore may take more or less time to become completely settled within the nursery environment and therefore we offer as many or few sessions as necessary.

Key Person

Our key person system is delivered on a paired and shared basis.  This means your child will have two key people with whom they will have more contact. These key carers will show a special interest in your child through personal, close interaction throughout the day.  They are also responsible for the initial settling sessions and helping your child overcome any separation anxiety.

In the case of babies and toddlers the key carers will be solely responsible for personal care routines, such as feeding, nappy changing and settling for sleeps.

Open Door Policy

We operate an ‘open door’ policy and parents are welcome to phone or visit any time.  However, if at any time you have any concerns about your child’s health and development, you can speak to the Manager or key carer.

Parents As Partners

hands.JPGWe value our partnerships with you and believe that these are of utmost importance to the children in our care.

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Our Rooms

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