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There are many reasons why parents choose to send their children to nursery - some parents because of work commitments, some to give their child opportunities to mix with other children and some because they think it's good preparation for school.  Whatever your reasons, it can still be a difficult decision.

Studies have shown that children who attend nurseries are more confident as they have mixed with other children from an early age. We work hard to help your child have a great start in life through a key person system which is delivered on a paired and shared basis, nutritious menus and many opportunities to learn new skills and understanding through play.

When looking for a nursery it is important to find one that suits your family and you should be able to get a good idea which nursery is right for you from your visit; and it is important that both you and your child feel comfortable with your final choice.  Below is a list of a few points you may like to consider:

The Nursery

  • Is the nursery bright, warm, clean and welcoming?
  • Is the equipment good quality, clean, safe and appropriate?
  • Do the children look well-stimulated, sitting down at activities, engaged by the staff?
  • Is it a happy place?
  • How is the day structured and what sort of activities are built into the timetable?  Any 'good' nursery should have a structured curriculum that allows time for learning as well as play.
  • Age appropriate learning - A 3 year old is going to require a very different type of care to a younger child so it's important to check whether a nursery is able to dedicate time to age appropriate learning.

The Staff and Relationships

  • Is your child assigned a key worker to be your first point of contact, responsible for regularly interacting with your child and keeping you up to date with how he/she is getting on?
  • Are the staff happy, relaxed, well presented, calm and confident?
  • How many of the staff are qualified? At the very least 50% of the nursery staff should be qualified with a relevant childcare qualification, such as an NVQ childcare level, however we aim to have at least 75% qualified.
  • Can you see your child’s needs being met here?
  • Do you have confidence that the Nursery Manager possesses strong leadership skills, is well involved and has a 'hands on' approach?
  • Make sure you know the full terms and conditions/policies of the nursery – fee information, deposit, notice of withdrawal, policies (sickness/absences) etc.  Also, what is included in your fees, e.g nappies and wipes?

Safe and Secure

  • What is the security like?  You should be confident that any nursery you consider is able to provide a completely safe environment for your child.
  • Health & safety - It's vital that any nursery you consider provides your child with a clean, safe environment in which to learn, grow and develop.
  • Are all policies and documents in place?  All good nurseries will have policies in place and it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with these before making your choice.
  • Is the nursery Ofsted registered?

Meals and Snacks

  • What are the menus like?
  • Do they include a good combination of fresh fruit and vegetables? 
  • Can the nursery provide for special diets?
  • Are the menus changed on a regular basis?


  • Did you and your child enjoy the visit?
  • Were the staff confident to answer any questions you had?
  • Was it friendly, relaxed and informative?
  • Recommendations - most of our new parents come to us as recommendations from our existing or past parents.

This list is by no means exhaustive but by carrying out the basic checks, factoring in the day to day practicalities and following your instinct you should be able to find a good nursery that is able to create a happy, interesting environment for your little one.


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We take great pride in our menus and ensure that all food offered to children is nutritionally balanced and healthy.   Each nursery employs a cook to provide a well-balanced weekly menu for your children. Special dietary needs can, in most cases, be catered for.  The children are given a mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and high tea.

PICT8786.JPGThe older children are encouraged to serve their own meals, and mealtimes are treated as an enjoyable and social occasion while also enabling us to teach children about taking turns and general table manners.

Our Staff

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