Over the years we have received fantastic comments and letters from existing and current parents.  Below is a sample of the many of letters we have received.  Any feedback we receive is greatly appreciated by managers and staff.

Thank You’s

“I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you and everyone else for everything that you have done for our children. They both started with you as babies and we feel that you have made a big contribution to them becoming happy and confident little children. They have gained enormously from knowing that there can be a fun, safe and caring place to play and looked after outside home”. Cookham Dean parent

“I wanted to write to you to express my deep appreciation for your hard work and dedication of the staff looking after our daughter... yesterday we picked her up and the staff presented us with her first bit of art, some stunning cous cous coloured on paper, I am sure a candidate for the next Turner prize!” Treetops parent

“We would like to take this opportunity of saying a big thank you to all the staff for making her nursery experience so special.  The level of service that you provide is outstanding and provides a truly caring and inspiring environment for the young to develop.  I’m sure that XX will never forget her time there”. Willow Tree parent

“We have found your nursery exceptional.  Every day when I collect her all I can see is a very happy little baby who has made lots of friends.  Many thanks for your care”. Little Willows parent

shoes3.JPG“When I first started looking for a nursery, I really did not know what to expect. Being a stay at home mum, I was not thinking that I would ever need one but at around 2 he wanted and needed to be around other children other than mother and toddler groups, doing activities that I would not think of doing and he also needed a chance to grow and develop with his mum, in a warm and loving environment.

I toured your nursery and cancelled all my other appointments. You supplied it all and over time, I discovered that you supplied so much more. His teachers have been fantastic and have really included me in on all that has gone on and have helped me with any problems and questions I had in terms of his development. They have always greeted him with a warm smile and open arms and I always felt confident and comfortable in dropping him off knowing that he was in safe hands.

You all really need a great round of applause for running the nursery as a school with parent conference evenings and for giving the children such wonderful life experiences by having guests in the nursery to teach the kids dance and even how to brush their teeth. The lunches smell fantastic, and while I have not been lucky enough to try them, he does rave about them.

You have all really given him the chance to develop, grow and become his own little person. While he has been with you he has really found his voice with several songs, learned the alphabet, improved his counting and developed his co-ordination with drawing, colouring and painting.  But most importantly he has learned social skills that he can take with him for the rest of his life”. Sunninghill parent

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for playing such a positive and significant part of development in his early years. I give you credit for teaching him so much, not only on an educational level but also about life in general which has been invaluable to him.  You have helped him to develop into a confident and happy boy who is now very ready for take his next step in life... starting school!”. Beeches parent

“Thank you very much for giving XX such a fun time at nursery!  Thanks for looking after him and playing with him – he has loved it and I know he will miss you all. All of you have been a great support to us and it’s been great knowing you are looking after him. Forest Lodge is such a loving nursery”. Forest Lodge Parentshoes2.JPG

Feedback from a New Baby Parent

“I feel that there is great communication with parents – it's great to get an idea of his day when I pick him up. I have also really enjoyed reading the “Learning Journey’ – it has opened my eyes to other actions we should encourage at home and made me feel more included in his life at nursery”.  Cookham Dean parent

Feedback from Parents to Nursery Days

“I think he thoroughly enjoyed getting mummy messy with the paint! It was clear to see the professionalism of the staff and the care they give the children in their care – this was great”. Cookham Dean parent

“I was impressed by how nicely the children interacted and played with each other. I really enjoyed it! And the food looked really good; it's good to see the children eating so healthily”. Cookham Dean parent

shoes1.JPGA Special Letter to the Children at Beeches

“The Queen wishes me to write and thank you all for the booklet of lovely pictures and message which you have made for her eighty-third birthday.

Her Majesty liked your booklet very much and greatly appreciated the care you have taken to make it especially for her.

I am to thank you all once again for remembering The Queen on her birthday”.


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